Help judge robotic competitions!

Dear DATTA SA Community,

If your school is interested in robotic competitions, now is a great time to come and see how it runs from the perspective as a judge! No experience necessary and a great time seeing projects in action. Additionally feel free to pass this onto your connections as judges often come from a range of industries and backgrounds.

2 tournaments below, VEX Robotics and FIRST LEGO League

VEX Competitions

Judges Needed!

4 different age groups to come and judge!

Sign up for judging!

October 18th – Year 6-8

October 20th – Year 3-5

October 23rd – Year 8-9

October 30th – Year 9-12

Approx. 8am – 3pm commitment for all tournaments

For more info, contact Emil at Pedare College –¬†


Judges needed!

Angle Vale FIRST LEGO League Regional at Riverbanks College B-12

Saturday 18th November (Approx. 8am – 3pm commitment) 

Judges are provided free lunch, volunteer t-shirt to keep and training

All volunteers need to create a volunteer profile on FIRST Management system, then assign themselves to the Angle Vale regional:

FIRST Australia Management System

For more info, contact Sophie at Riverbanks College B-12 – or 8286 2900

Grateful for any sharing you can do! 

Sophie Thorpe