DATTA SA Professional Development Evidence

Dear Members,
As per the TRB Requirements for registration of evidence DATTA SA is providing a list of events we have run below. Please click hereon how to evidence attendance at one of our events. We have also provided an archive folder of our MailChimp emails relating to the PD which contains details of the sessions offered below.

The standards generally met at our DATTA SA PD sessions are the following:

Engage in professional learning
6.1 Identify and plan professional learning needs
6.2 Engage in professional learning and improve practice
6.3 Engage with colleagues and improve practice

Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community
7.4 Engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities

Any Humanitix ticket you have from attending one of our PD sessions can also be considered evidence of PD attendance alongside:

  • Certificates
  • Study transcripts
  • Handwritten notes
  • Learning journal
  • Diary entry/reflection
  • Attendance record
  • Receipt/booking confirmation (Humanitix as example)
  • Annotated resources

If you are audited the TRB board may request evidence of your notes from the PD, we recommend that you keep your PD log updated by simply adding to your PD notes and information on the TRB Portal. As we have moved away from paper certificates at events, online attendance is now managed electronically through Eventbrite, removing the need for generating individual certificates that result in unnecessary administration time.

Please reach out with any questions, 

Emil Zankov
DATTA SA President

Mailchimp Archive of PD