Bulk Ordering

The bulk order is now completed digitally in excel and printed by each school. The system has been designed to save time completing the bulk order and easily generate individual supplier sheets based on what you have ordered. The PDF might also serve as a good resource for students wanting to complete costings. Please email Lyall if there are items that you regularly purchase that can not be found on the bulk order listing.

The digital system has features that will only work on a windows computer and we are not yet in a position to rewrite the code to work on Mac.

If you have any difficulty or would like to provide feedback please email Joel Philips

Some Tips:

- If the blue buttons take you to Google Drive then you will need to right click on the file and download to your computer, then open in Desktop Excel version (It wont function in a browser).

- If you don't want to view in a full screen press Esc on your keyboard and you will see a more familiar Excel View.

- Sometimes the macros have a hard time when the file is saved to OneDrive or a network drive. Perhaps complete the work from your downloads folder then move the finished file to a network location for safe keeping.

- If you are an Excel Guru and you want to give this a face lift or make the macros compatible for Mac let Joel know.