Bulk Ordering

DATTA SA are no longer going to compile your orders, you will be required to send them directly to each supplier. This will make the scheme more flexible for all schools and allows for orders throughout the year. There is an increase in the number of suppliers and the list may include suppliers with the same or similar products.

More school are using the Bulk order since we went to an electronic version but the quantity of materials purchased has decreased. Please email Lyall if there are items that you regularly purchase that can not be found on the bulk order listing.

Digital Bulk Order scheme files are now ready to download (click on download icon below). ‚Äč

The digital system has features that will only work on a windows machine and we are not yet in a position to rewrite the code to work on Mac.

The bulk order is now completed digitally in excel, printed by each school. The system has been designed to save time completing the bulk order and easily generate individual supplier sheets based on what you have ordered. This round we have also included a full PDF listing that you can print (if you like) and take into workshop before transferring each Qty to the Excel system. The PDF might also serve as a good resource for students wanting to complete costings.

If you have any difficulty or would like to provide feedback please email Joel Philips

Right click on the file and then left click on download