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Join us for an empowering workshop series presented by the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre and CISCO. Develop the skills and knowledge to deliver the CISCO Junior Cyber Security Analyst program.

This workshop series will step teachers through the 5 main courses that make up the CISCO Junior Cyber Security Analyst, Packet Tracer, and Ethical Hacking. Teachers will gain valuable insight into the curriculum content and resources to engage and support learners to achieve a future career pathway in cyber security.

During these workshops, we aim to inspire educators by showcasing the extensive benefits of our comprehensive courses. By partnering with us, schools gain access to cutting-edge cyber security and networking curriculum, a state-of-the-art Learning Management System, and a wealth of valuable resources to support curriculum delivery.

Moreover, these programs are aligned to the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and include CISCO’s innovative software solution: Packet Tracer. With this tool, your students can build and test networking devices, taking their practical knowledge to new heights.

There are 7 workshops in total that will be covered in a 3-hour session. It is preferable that teachers complete all 7 workshops, however, they can select to do individual workshops.

Don’t miss this chance to embark on an exciting journey towards enhanced cyber security education. Reserve your spot now and be prepared to unlock endless possibilities for your students and school!

WORKSHOPS: 3-hours

Cost $180 per workshop (10% discount applies when all 7 are booked)

  • Networking Basics: 12 October 9-12 (School Holidays)
  • Packet Tracer: 12 October 1-4 (School Holidays)
  • Networking Devices and Initial Configuration: 24 October 9-12 (Week 2, Term 4)
  • Endpoint Security: 2 November 9-12 (Week 3 Term 4)
  • Network Defence: (14 November 1-4 Week 5, Term 4)
  • Cyber Threat Management: 23 November 9-12 (Week 6, Term 4)
  • Ethical Hacker: 4 December 1-4 (Week 8, Term 4)