Commissioner’s Digital Challenge

Registrations are now open, and entries will close on the last day of Term 3 (Friday 29 September). Commissioner’s Digital Challenge again be offering some fantastic digital rewards for the top-rated student entries.

The challenges are recommended for years 2 to 8, but all students can learn to problem solve!

Commissioner’s Digital Challenge 2023
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Free online activities. Registrations now open. Entries close Friday 29 September.

Digital skills are life skills. They’re critical to future jobs, social inclusion and a more equitable world.
The Commissioner’s Digital Challenge is a free curriculum-aligned online resource teaching children
and young people about computational, design and systems thinking skills.

Students can participate in three different challenges:

Learn to Speak Robot, Space to Dream and Zoom Out.

Learn to Speak Robot involves computational thinking, which is used for coding and is fundamental
to teaching problem solving skills.

Space to Dream is a design thinking challenge which asks students to design a toy or gadget for
someone who is moving to Mars.

Zoom Out teaches participants about systems thinking, which helps predict future outcomes by
understanding how different parts contribute to the whole.

The Commissioner’s Digital Challenge is recommended for years 2 to 10, but all students are
Registrations are now open and entries close Friday 29 September. Digital prizes will be awarded to
the top-rated student entries.

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