New Memberships 2024!

DATTA SA is excited to announce a new institution membership from 2024.

We have replaced the existing (and outdated) need for school leaders to pick and choose who to add to their accounts. From 2024, the new metropolitan membership is a flat $200 / year for unlimited site staff access!

The new metropolitan membership replaces the previous four category memberships and we have enabled school leaders to add as many teaching staff to the DATTA SA account as they wish. Benefits include those individual teachers having their own account into DATTA SA, being able to manage password resets themselves and the ability to secure tickets to PD”s and access to our online content and forums.

The country membership (schools more than 60km from the CBD) remains in place at $50 / year price but with also now no cap on how many staff can be added.

Individual and full time student memberships remain unchanged.

All current accounts will continue to run until the new year (Jan 31st).

2024 will see DATTA SA bring back the DATTA SA State Conference and with a school membership all staff under the account will receive a discount on their ticket!

Thank you to all of you that attended our PD’s throughout the year and those that engaged with the Inspired Education team with their online CAD offerings (look out for more of those in 2024). To stay in touch with DATTA SA members in a secure online space, head on over to the DATTA SA Forums.

Free PD event plug:
The Australian National VEX Robotics Competition at the Adelaide Convention Centre, will be held on December 2nd and 3rd Free tickets available for the public

Good luck in the last few weeks of term and have a safe and enjoyable break!

Emil Zankov, President
On behalf of DATTA SA