During the secondary Years learning is characterised by:

  • Learners having increasing responsibility for their personal organisation and learning, gaining and expressing deeper understandings of personal, social and ethical participation in the wider community, and as global citizens.
  • Learners critically deconstructing products, processes and systems that are around them.
  • Learners developing critical capacities to look at technologies of the past and identify their consequences. Being able to speculate and critically inquiry in order to identify possible future technologies and their consequences.
  • Learners engaging with complex design ideas, being adaptive, creative and enterprising in their work.
  • Learners effectively communicating and interpreting the designed and made world, critically evaluating style, forms, sources and presentation of information, and information products, against design and production requirements.
  • Learners becoming effective designers, developing alternative designs and production plans for complex products and systems.
  • Learners who work together and reach agreements about complex issues, conflicts and practices, appreciate the value of organisational structures and seek to work within them. satisfy occupational health, safety and welfare requirements, and demonstrate a duty of care
  • Learners who can explain how the form, structure and properties of materials relate to their functional, aesthetic and environmental characteristics, using sophisticated materials and equipment for specialised purposes, while continuing to use simple everyday items whenever possible.

Extracts from The South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability (SACSA) Framework Companion documents DECS 2004

Secondary Projects





Examples of Senior Secondary student project kindly donated by Thomas More College