"Design and technology education is full of 'energy and vitality' and ‘has emerged as one of the most exciting, challenging and potentially significant areas of curriculum renovation".
(Layton 1994, p.12)


DATTA SA through the strong links made with Design & Technologies educators across Australia UK and USA is able to keep informed of the latest research, current trends and future curriculum changes in Technologies Education world -wide.

It is an aim of DATTA SA to be involved in discussions, forums, research projects involving Design & Technologies that are in the forefront of education in Australia at all times

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Dear colleagues and D&T practitioners,

The new and exciting Technologies Australian curriculum is close to being released  This means that exciting & challenging times ahead  for practitioners R-10 It is fantastic that Design and Technologies had been recognised and viewed as a highly required aspect of the teaching and learning for all schools and learners R – 10  DATTA Australia and DATTA SA have played a critical and vital role in ACARA curriculum development, review and final product

DATTA SA has represented the many passionate practitioners and specialist teachers in the D&T area of learning through our active participation in the writing process

DATTA SA is the place that you can receive expert ADVICE, ADVOCACY and DIRECTION   

Technologies Curriculum

  • What is does it mean?
  • What is the learning?
  • What does it look like?
  • What are the implications for teacher, teaching and learning?

If you want the answers to these questions, then contact me Larry.spry@unisa.edu.au OR blspry@bigpond.com DATTA SA President to help facilitate and led in any Staff development, faculty reviews and school leadership involvement in the new Technologies Curriculum.

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Technologies Curriculum

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