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    Emil Zankov

    Each year we’ll start a new thread for introductions.

    Welcome all members to our new website. To help get started in this forum, the intention is that you post a quick introduction which is viewable to non-DATTA SA members. This gives those considering a membership an idea of the range of educators available to connect with.

    Here goes then!

    I’m Emil, President of DATTA SA, currently teaching at PedareCC in the North East metro area. Teach digital technologies/robotics from Year 6-12 and have been involved with DATTA since 2008. Co-wrote the new Year 11/12 Digital Technologies subjects for SACE. Lots more to share so come join up as a DATTA member :P!


    Philip Cranswick

    Hi I’m Phil, currently on long service leave. I’ve just moved to Adelaide and live in the North East metro area. I love teaching all of the Visual Arts – especially Ceramics and Photography, Technologies – especially Woodwork and Metal work, and pioneered and promoted the use of SolidWorks a industry standard CAD program in Victorian Schools since 2000. I have a special interest in Cradle to Cradle Design and am excited about the use of new and emerging technologies in the classroom.​ If your school may be needing someone with my experience, please contact me and I can forward my resume. I will be fully available from the start of Term II, 2018.


    Emil Zankov

    Hi Phil,

    Well done on being the first to post. Great intro and hope you find the connections valuable. We’ll be putting up details of the upcoming AGM shortly in which you will be able to meet a number of DATTA SA members.



    Tim Durst

    Hi I’m Tim.

    I’m currently studying Design and Technology teaching (Secondary) at UniSA. My background includes working in the commercial photography industry and more recently the Electrical, Security and Automation industries. I have been running my own business for 7 years and decided on a lifestyle change when i started a family. I also co-run a sporting club teaching students from 5yrs onwards.


    Daniel Seymour


    Daniel Seymour here. I recently departed Heathfield HS to take up the position of STEM/Technologies Coordinator at the new Adelaide Botanic High School. I’m looking forward to making connections with many of you this year as we prepare the school to open in 2019. Lots of work to do, workshops to design, curriculum and projects to develop, etc. I’m certainly keen to share information with others about our progress. I’m looking forward to meeting up soon.



    [email protected]

    Hi, I’m Glenda Lockley. I’m a Curriculum Support Project Officer in the NT based in Darwin. I cannot get to any hands-on workshops but I value the interactions with DATTA SA members. We are hoping to set up our association here in the NT, hopefully with links to DATTA SA. Looking forward to talking to you more about this Emil and Stephen.


    Emil Zankov

    Great to see you both on here, clearly a wealth of members will mean many rich conversations to come.



    Greetings to all from the Design and Technology team at Westminster School. We are:

    Brenton Minge – wood specialty
    Phil Rawlings – metal specialty and also our F1 in Schools team person
    Chris Graham – CAD specialty
    Harry Rankine – everything! Harry looks after us and our workshops
    Jude Depold – Fashion
    Claire Muirhead – Food Tech
    Kate Ward – Food Tech
    Darren McLachlan – Head of Faculty and Comm Products

    Hope everyone has a great year, and we are always happy to share ideas and opinions.



    Hello all,

    Tom Oliphant here, after departing Blackwood High School I am now in my second year at Pembroke School as Assistant Head of Digital Technologies. Having a strong focus on Electronics and Advanced Technologies at Blackwood I have now looked at expanding into the development of Digital Technologies, looking forward to meeting many of you and forming some connections in the area. All the best.



    [email protected]


    I’m Liam from Goodwood Primary and I teach R-7 Technologies as a NIT teacher. I come from an ICT background, but I’m pretty new to the Design Tech element, so will probably be asking a lot of questions. We are currently playing around with getting some basic woodworking skills, eTextiles, food tech and 3D printing happening, and I’m exploring some options for laser cutting.

    Looking forward to making some connections with those who have a little more experience than myself!


    Talia Zellmer

    Hi everybody 🙂

    I’m Talia 🙂 Just starting my third year of teaching and first year at Avenues College. I love working in the Woodwork and Photography, but I’ve taught in every area of Design and Tech up to Stage 1. I love trying to incorporate STEM into every course and get students to be creative.

    Looking forward to more PD this year and meeting new techies 😀


    Finn Galindo

    Greetings My name is Finn Galindo,

    I’m a current DATTA Executive Member and 3rd Year D & T Teacher, currently teaching at Brighton Secondary School in the eastern Adelaide Metro.

    I have a full-time role primarily teaching STEM classes in years 9 to 11, I also run the F1 in Schools Program there, the largest STEM high school program in the world. Super keen on STEM in schools, keen to help schools start their development of F1iS.

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