DATTA SA has at its core a focus on the development and promotion of design-led innovators

We believe that the Design and Technology curriculum fosters in learners and future leaders a high array of integrated skills  and qualities essential for innovation, through the advancement of design thinking and applied technological  knowledge that is user-centred, and engaged with industries and communities.

We acknowledge the critical role that design-led Innovation approaches play in providing the connection  between talent and skills that link STEM to powerful learning outcomes.

Design and Technology Education centres on teaching and learning activities at Early Years, Primary and Secondary school level, directed towards the creation of products, services and systems to solve problems or to meet needs. This term also incorporates teacher education in this field.

Our field of study gives learners the capacity to use a design/technology process to design, make and evaluate  real solutions for needs, and incorporates the application of a range of materials, natural and engineered  systems, and digital/ICT tools, and incorporates design-led innovative teaching pedagogies.